Local Attorney’s Know Local Judges

We practice in Greene County and the surrounding areas. The reason we do that is actually best told by telling you a little story. I had a friend that came in with a speeding ticket from Central Missouri. He’s a pretty good friend and I said I’d help him out.

Usually speeding tickets can be done by mail and we do go all over the state to help people with speeding tickets. However, when we got the offer back from the local prosecutor from Central Missouri who I had never heard of and they had never heard of me, it was quite literally over the legal amount that he could charge for a fine. In fact, it was double the legal amount. I notified him of that and he said “Tough.” He didn’t know me, I didn’t know him. I had no credibility with him.

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Local Attorney’s Have Local Credibility

So, I told my friend “You better go hire a local attorney.” Which he did, and he ended up getting a much more reasonable offer. Now I wish I could’ve helped my friend and I wish I could help people in KC, STL, Joplin and all over the place. The problem is I can’t. I can’t because I don’t know those judges and I don’t know those prosecutors and I can’t use my credibility that I’ve built up here in Greene County, Missouri and the surrounding areas to help those clients.

Local Attorney’s Have Local Relationships

That’s why we practice here, in one place. In Greene County, Springfield and the surrounding counties. They know us, they listen to us and we are respected. That can in turn be used to help our clients get better deals. Don’t go hire an attorney in a jurisdiction somewhere other than where you’re going. Hire the attorney that’s local. That way, they can help you because they know what that judge is going to do and say.

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