If you’re looking for a show, go somewhere else.

I like to tell my clients right up front that if you’re looking for an attorney that’s going to walk in the court, yell, scream and throw a fit, similar to what you see on TV, you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s not what we do. In fact, that’s not what effective attorneys do at all. If you’re looking for a show, go somewhere else.

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If you’re looking for solid representation, you’ve found it.

If you’re looking for effective representation with attorneys that have relationships in all of the surrounding courthouses, who take those relationships and friendships very seriously and can use those relationships to help you, come here. You’re not going to see me acting a fool in court. You’re not going to see me pointing fingers and yelling, unless it’s for the show that we have already prepared for and you’ve come to expect. We don’t believe in putting on theatrics. We believe in solid representation based upon the law and the facts of your case. That’s how we get good results, not by putting on a show. Other attorneys out there that are trying to impress you by style over substance, they’re not getting you the best result.

If you’re looking for the best results, give us a call.

It’s the attorneys that are calm, cool and collected, who know the system, know the players and know how they interact to get the best results. That’s what we do here at MRD Lawyers. We use our knowledge and experience, not style over substance, to get you the best results and we’re proud to do it.

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