Court is our “office.”

I had a really interesting experience today. I went into court with a client and as we left court, that client made an observation that that was just my workplace. He walked in scared out of his mind. He was afraid about what was going to happen. I had told him what was going to happen. I had painted a mental picture for him, but he was still scared.

MRD Lawyers Quick Tip: Although there are many cases that require the defendant to be present in court, there are some circumstances that don’t. Check out our blog post on this subject to learn more. DO I NEED TO BE IN COURT? OUR CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS EXPLAIN

Court is where we do our job.

When he saw me go into the courtroom and I talked to the bailiff, the clerk, the prosecutor, the other attorneys and finally the judge, he saw that I was extremely at ease. He said afterwards it was because it was clear that was just my work place. It’s where I go to work and that’s where I do my job. That gave him a great deal of comfort. That had never occurred to me. I try to explain things to clients and I try to make them at ease, but just the fact that I handle myself in a calm way in court is something that my clients truly do appreciate. It’s something that I take a lot of pride in: not losing my cool, not getting too aggressive unless it’s called for and putting people at ease.

Court is where we stay calm, cool and collected.

That is one way that we help our clients here at MRD Lawyers that I think a lot of other places don’t. We are calm, cool and collected when we need to be unless we need to do something else.

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