You got a speeding ticket. Now what?

You just got pulled over and you were issued a ticket for speeding. That nice officer told you just put the money in the envelope, mail it off and everything will be taken care of. The problem with that plan is if you mail envelope off with money in it to whomever he tells you to mail it to, your putting a conviction on your record, you’re putting points on your license, and your insurance will go up.

MRD Lawyers Quick Tip: Did you know that getting a speeding ticket can result in the loss of your license? Check out our blog post on this subject to learn more. Can I Lose My License From Speeding Tickets and Points?

Hiring an attorney is easier than you think.

In fact, across the Nation, by sending that in your insurance goes up by one and a half times over the next three years. Hire an Attorney. It’s actually very easy. You don’t even have to come in and see us. You can call us on the phone. You can put in your information on the website. We will go to court for you. We will get an offer for you.

Let us handle everything.

We will handle all the court appearances and while we can’t make promises about an outcome, very often, we can get a result the keeps the conviction off your record and the points off your license. Ultimately, saving you hundreds of dollars.

That’s what we do. We make it easy for you and we’re proud to do it.

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