Well, that certainly seems like the easiest thing to do, right?  The Springfield Police Officer just gave you a ticket for speeding. Or maybe it was Greene County or a Highway Patrolman. They were a nice guy and lowered the speed from 20 over to 16 over. That cut you a huge break, right? They offered to let you just take care of it by sending money in with the envelope that they handed you with the citation. Just get it done and over with, right?

That’s not what I would do if I was the one receiving the ticket. Did you know that sending in the $150 in the envelope has two very important impacts?

  • First, it is a criminal plea of guilt to a potential misdemeanor. That means a CONVICTION ON YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD.
  • Second, did you know that you were agreeing that points were going to be assessed to your license through the Missouri Department of Revenue? A conviction and a loss of points. Just by signing and sending in the money.

If it were me, I would encourage my loved ones to hire an attorney to assist them with this situation. At first look, it is no big deal. Just a ticket. But what if the luck continues to run bad and you get another one next month and another one the month after that? It isn’t like you are really going to quit speeding…

Hiring an attorney is not nearly as expensive up front as you think. Especially those of us that handle these sorts of cases in bulk. But consider this for a moment: how much will your insurance go up over the next five years with a conviction on your record? Forbes Magazine estimates that the speeding ticket could increase your insurance by as much as 22% per year. How much money could I save you in the first year alone? Or save your 17 year old son? I recently met with a client that was already paying $550 per month! Check out the website below.


Or consider this: do you know that a plea of guilt on a speeding citation could keep you from getting a job in the future. Some of these are the same level as a first time DWI or some types of assaults! Employers who hire employees to drive for them will most likely check their employee’s driving records before being hired and even during employed employment. Employers have the right to do so, especially if you will be driving their vehicles. It’s not only legal for employers to verify their employees driving record, but it is certainly a very smart employment practice for them, as well.

Why take the chance with a traffic ticket? We can help you! Put National and State award-winning former Greene County Prosecutors to work for you. We have three decades worth of experience winning cases in the Greene County Courts and we are ready to help you with your legal issues. Contact MRD Lawyers today.

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