Criminal Law involves cases that are being prosecuted by the state or city government because it allegedly threatens or harms public safety. Charges in criminal law typically involve police, and charges are brought by a Prosecuting Attorney (also called a DA in some areas). There are multiple categories of crimes, misdemeanors (less serious offenses) and felonies (more serious crimes). While felonies are typically more serious, either type of offense can cause unforeseen problems if not handled properly by experienced legal counsel. These types of cases can be tried in either municipal (city) or county courts, depending on where the alleged offense occurred. We are able to assist you with either of the court systems.

Our law office provides experienced legal counsel for most criminal cases including traffic tickets, DWI/DUI, and major crimes (robbery, burglary, theft, stealing, fraud and drug offenses).


Ryan B.

This law firm is outstanding. Quick to make an appointment and very helpful on the situation I’m going through. I highly recommend MRD lawyers. Very professional and informative. Don’t hesitate to give them a call! They are awesome!

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Matt Russell and staff are Down to earth, genuine human beings who made me feel like they really cared about my individual case. Matt made a lasting impact on my life with the results he was able to provide. Very satisfied client; highly recommend.

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Matt Russell and his staff are truly amazing. I am so happy to have Matt helping us. He is very honest, caring and has been so helpful with everything. I am so glad that I found Matt. He is very genuine and over all a good guy to have on your side.

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Matt and his team exceeded my expectations in every way. Legal issues are in no way pleasant but I was made to feel well-represented, informed and respected during the entire process.