If you or someone you know is charged with distributing controlled substances, there’s no need to fear. Distribution drug charges are very much location-based and only a problem when they are sold in specific locations. Confused about why you were charged or what exactly distribution of controlled substances in a protected area means? The team at MRD Lawyers will explain what this means and how you should resolve the charge.

What Is a Protected Area in Relation to Distribution of Controlled Substances?

First off, a controlled substance is an illegal drug that can have negative effects on a person’s health and well-being. Not all controlled substances are illegal, as many of them are prescribed to individuals and sold through pharmacies every day. Think of controlled substances as medications and pharmaceutical drugs used for medical treatment.

So why is having possession of them a bad thing? It isn’t, in certain circumstances. When people begin to sell or give away these prescribed drugs to others who don’t have a prescription is when handing them out is a no-go. Giving out controlled substances in certain locations, such as protected areas, can make handing out these drugs illegal.

In simple terms, a protected area is defined as government property. This means public parks, schools, government housing, school buses, etc. Even if you aren’t distributing controlled substances on government property, the proximity of where you are to that property matters, as you can still get charged even if you’re distributing from 1000-2000 ft. away.

What Should I Do If I’m Charged?

Distributing controlled substances is a class A felony which is a serious crime that shouldn’t be treated lightly. The accused can potentially be sentenced to 3-5 years or spend their life in prison for more serious cases. If you or someone you know has recently been charged —  contact a drug defense attorney ASAP.

Contact MRD Lawyers For Assistance

Charges of distributing controlled substances are serious matters. If you’ve been accused or arrested for drug charges, DWI, or any other range of crimes, speak with the team of attorneys at MRD Lawyers. We’ve spent years as criminal defense attorneys, so we understand how each case works. Contact our Springfield, MO, office today at 417-448-0534 and let us defend your rights.

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