What Is SATOP?

SATOP is the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program for alcohol or drug-related traffic offenses and is hosted by the Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health, and given by multiple providers in the area. The program provides services as a result of a suspended or revoked drivers licenses as dictated by a court order, an administrative order, a condition of probation or a plea bargain. Program completion is required by law to get your license reinstated.

Tips for SATOP in Springfield, MO:

    • Timing – It is wise to complete the program based on how your case proceeds. Many people want to do “something” to help with the resolution of their DWI and having a plan can help.
    • Privacy – You can work with your attorney to complete the program in a way that reduces your public exposure by reviewing your Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program options and what works best for you.
    • Managing your Expense – The screening fee is $375 and the cost of your program will vary depending on your individual case.  Understand the fees early so you can plan for them. Learn about financial aid options.
    • Impress the Court – The Judge could ask you what you learned. Timing your SATOP required program will help demonstrate you are on the right track.
    • Pick the Right Provider – Costs are fixed statewide so ask your attorney for referrals to the best providers that meet your needs.
    • Understand the Levels – There are many levels of each program and various requirements depending on your case.  Talk with your attorney to review the appropriate level based on your case.
    • Judicial Review – In some cases, you may try to reduce your Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program requirements.  Talk to your attorney about options.

How can the Law Offices of Matthew|Russell|Dempsey of Springfield help you with Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program?

    • Our combined 30 years of experience as attorneys in Greene County give us an inside view for how to help our clients navigate the complexities of a DWI charge. We understand the “system.”
    • We are experienced DWI attorneys. We understand how to manage a DWI case. We fight for you in court, but we also help you make good decisions that help reduce the long-term impact of an alcohol or drug-related traffic offense.
    • We’ve successfully handled hundreds of cases and positive outcomes.
    • We offer outstanding legal services without breaking the bank
    • Learn more about our award-winning team of DWI attorneys.

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