What to wear to court?

What should you wear to court? I used to say, wear something to court that you would wear to church with your grandmother. And I have to tell you after saying that a couple of times, peoples’ grandmother’s are a lot cooler than mine, because people will show up to court wearing clothes that make me say…no.

I don’t know if it’s because of COVID, but we’ve all gotten much more relaxed. I don’t know if it’s just because people don’t know what to wear to court. When I represent someone I try to present the very best image of you. If you come to court in pajama pants and t-shirt, it just isn’t the best version of you.

People should look at coming to court as a more formal activity. Because if you’re sitting in a courtroom full of people in t-shirts and pajamas, and you are there in a nice shirt, clean pants, your hair done, piercings taken out, that actually matters to the judge. Because they’re going to look at you and see someone showing respect to the court, whereas the other people are not.

Even if it’s a minor step up, it is a step up. And that’s the sort of thing that we look at in every aspect of the case. We want you to be a little bit above everybody else in that courtroom.

So what do I want? I don’t want you to go spend $500 on a new suit. Absolutely not. I want you to be comfortable, but presentable. What does that look like? No holes in your jeans or your shirt. I want you to wear nice pants.If those are nice jeans, that’s okay. A clean, tucked in shirt. When clients show up looking like that, we get good results.

Even if it’s just a little psychological warfare to put us a little ahead, that’s what we try to do. Sometimes we dress for the part we want. And if we want part of a good result, we dress that way. When you come to my office, wear what you want. I don’t care. But when we go to court, you’re going to see me in a nice suit and I’m going to see you in a good-looking outfit.

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