You just got pulled over for a DWI.

You just got pulled over for a DWI. There are a lot of fears that go along with that. The first fear that most of my clients encounter is “Am I going to lose my license?” “Am I going to be able to drive my kids to school?” “Am I going to be able to get to work legally?” The answer to that is there are ways to get it done. The longer answer is much more complicated.

The first thing we look at.

The first thing we look at it is did you submit to a breathalyzer or did you refuse a breathalyzer? If you submitted to a breathalyzer, you were likely handed a form 2385 and that allows us to ask for administrative hearing where we go to the Missouri Department of Revenue and fight for your license. It’s bunch of legal talk for we have a hearing to see if we can keep your license. If we lose, well, there are ways to keep you driving legally and we can walk you through that.

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Did you refuse the breathalyzer?

If you refused the breathalyzer, you’re facing a one-year suspension of your license. If that happens, well, we don’t want that to happen. So what we do is we file a lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Revenue. We go to court and we fight for your license there. If we lose, there are ways to keep you driving that way as well. That’s a longer process and we have to take you step-by-step through that. Either way we can keep you driving legally most of the time.

We’re proud to do it and we’re glad to do it for you.

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