“I got my first DWI. What should I do?”

First, stop beating yourself up.

Take a deep breath.

Yes, this is bad… but the simple fact of the matter is we can move past it.

The second thing you need to do is consider the dates. Timelines are so important when it comes to DUI’s. From the second you blow, or refuse to blow into that breathalyzer, the clock starts ticking. And it is incredibly important to really pay attention to those timelines so that you don’t mess anything up so that you don’t lose your license for any longer than necessary.

Third – the most important. You have to find an attorney that is a specialist. You have to find a DWI attorney that specializes in DUI’s. The purpose of that is to make sure that you are represented by someone that is in these jurisdictions, in these courts, doing these things on a daily basis.  Because you don’t want to pick your estate planning attorney to go out there and handle your DUI because they don’t know what attorneys that do this every single day know. Jurisdiction matters, timing matters, prosecutors matter, judges matter. Who you talk to, when you talk to them and how you talk to them… each of these things matter. And the attorneys that are in the courtroom every single day are the ones that know that and are the ones that can help you.

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