A speeding ticket on your record could cost you a lot of time and money — if you don’t have it handled by an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

You could spend hours waiting in a jam-packed courtroom just to take the deal the court gives you, while you miss work and have to deal with a short paycheck. You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra every year on your car insurance bill. And if you share car insurance with your family, their premiums could go up too.

Or… You could let the experienced attorneys at MRD Lawyers handle your case. Your speeding ticket is an expensive problem you don’t want, so let us handle it — we have the solution you need.

In today’s blog post, the experienced traffic ticket attorneys at MRD Lawyers will explain some of the documents that will help us win your case against a speeding ticket charge.

Document for Defense: Your Side of the Story

When you get a speeding ticket, or any traffic ticket for that matter, one of the first things to do is contact an attorney and have them document your side of the story. At MRD Lawyers, our trained staff will document the details about your case with just a quick phone call.

For a speeding ticket, we may need to know some of the following details:

  • When and where the events took place
  • Details about your vehicle
  • Details about other vehicles
  • Details about signs and stop lights
  • Details about the roadway itself
  • Weather conditions

If you got a speeding ticket in the Springfield, Missouri area, there’s no need to worry. MRD Lawyers is here to help you. With just a quick phone call to discuss your case, we will get to the heart of the matter. We’ll take an expensive problem off your hands, so you can save time, save money, and relax.

Document for Defense: The Speeding Ticket Itself

The traffic ticket that the officer gives you is the most important legal document in your case. It is the written record of your alleged violation, so you will want to hold onto it and keep it safe until you can give it to your speeding ticket attorney.

If you lose your ticket or it gets damaged, don’t stress out. We can contact the court for you and get a new copy of the ticket.

Once we have a copy of your speeding ticket, our team will compare the details on the traffic ticket with the details we documented from your side of the story. If the traffic ticket contains inaccurate information, our legal team will take the issue to the prosecutor and the court to negotiate on your behalf.

MRD Lawyer’s Quick Tip: Did you know that the date and time for your court appearance that is written on your ticket may not be the correct court date? Check out our blog post on this subject: Is the Court Date on My Ticket Accurate?

Defend Yourself with an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A speeding ticket can end up costing you serious time and money, but an experienced traffic ticket attorney from MRD Lawyers can help. Whether you are dealing with a simple speeding ticket, a DWI arrest, or even a federal crime, we can help you defend yourself.

MRD Lawyers has more than 30 years of experience winning cases, and we have won National and State awards for our amazing service. If you need legal assistance, contact MRD Lawyers today.

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