The worst possible time. That is when it is going to happen to you. Driving to work and you are late. Worse yet, driving with your kids in the car. Regular traffic stop. Maybe driving a little over the speed limit and then BOOM. You are arrested on an outstanding warrant for your arrest.

Have you had a no seatbelt ticket in the past you have forgotten about? Maybe a speeding ticket that you did not pay all of your fines on? What about that thing you would like to forget that happen two years ago and no one has ever contacted you about?

When the Springfield Missouri Prosecutor, Greene County Prosecutor or even Federal Prosecutor files a case they can ask for a summons to be issued or a warrant to be issued. A summons just assigns a date for you to appear in Court. But, if a Judge agrees, a warrant could be issued for your arrest without you ever knowing it. Courts and Prosecutors are not obligated to notify you of these actions. Or what if the summons is mailed to the wrong address? You never know about the court date and an officer could arrest you on the spot.

You can check to see if you have a warrant for your arrest on the following websites:

City of Springfield, Missouri:

Greene County, Missouri (and State-wide):

If you need help with this issue or advice on posting a bond, give us a call. Whether you have been charged with federal crimes, state felonies, DWIs or DUIs, misdemeanors or traffic tickets, MRD Lawyers can help.

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