Brynna Howell originally thought she would major in business, maybe become an estate planner? But when the Florida native read “Anatomy of a Murder,” while studying at College of the Ozarks, everything changed. She became a true crime enthusiast, and an attorney.

After graduating from College of the Ozarks, Brynna attended the University of Missouri School of Law, graduating in 2011. While at Mizzou she had the opportunity to travel with to South Africa, where she studied comparative justice and alternative dispute resolution at the University of Western Cape.

During law school she also interned with the Stone County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. She enjoyed the work, and knew criminal law would be interesting, so she joined the office after graduation.

Brynna was a prosecutor for nearly a decade. She handled cases in associate court, circuit court, and diversion programs such as DUI Court, Veterans Court, and Drug Court. Her caseload ranged from traffic cases to murder cases, but she maintained a special focus on drug offenses.

Brynna’s work on a team of nationally recognized Drug Court professionals involved mentoring drug courts around the country on substance abuse disorder, objective screening tools, incentives, and sanctions.

Although she knew her work was helping the defendants she faced in court, she felt that she wasn’t always able to see the people and families behind the set of facts.

Brynna joined MRD Lawyers in February 2022. She finds her work as a prosecutor and her new focus on defense to be “two sides of the same coin.” She is excited to continue to focus on drug cases, as well as assist her fellow attorneys.

Brynna is a member of Southern Missouri Women Lawyers, the Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters, and the former president of the 39th Judicial Circuit Bar.

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