Our combined 18 years of experience as Greene County prosecutors gives us an inside view for how to help our clients navigate the complexities of a DUI charge. We’ve successfully handled thousands of cases in Missouri.

We are experienced attorneys specializing in Driving While Intoxicated charges. We understand how to manage these complicated cases. We fight for you in court, but we also help you make good decisions that help reduce the long- term impact of an alcohol or drug-related traffic offense.

These are 9 Best DWI Attorney Tips for a DUI Defense in Springfield:

    1. Be easy on yourself. You may have made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Take a breath and be calm. We will help put things into perspective.
    2. Don’t talk to anyone until you talk to an experienced DWI defense attorney. When you talk with others about your case, you create more evidence and witnesses.
    3. Don’t seek advice from someone who has experienced a DUI conviction. And, don’t assume someone else’s case is like yours. Save yourself the mental roller coaster.
    4. Hire a DUI specialist – preferably one with years of experience trying DWI cases in Missouri as a prosecutor AND as a defense attorney.
    5. Don’t mix attorneys. Not all lawyers are the same. Your family estate planner won’t have the specialization, training or experience to give you the right guidance for your defense.
    6. Don’t overpay for legal services but don’t get cheap. Invest in an experienced attorney because a charge can have a long-term, negative impact on your life.
    7. Ask about payment options. An attorney specializing in these charges may be able to work out a payment program for you in advance and help you plan and manage other expenses involving your case.
    8. Have a plan. A charge of Driving While Intoxicated is an emotional experience and the best DWI attorney will help you develop a logical plan that will also help you know what to expect and reduce anxiety.
    9. Act immediately. You need to understand how to regain your driver’s license, possible SATOP requirements, important court dates and complicated paperwork.

These are just basic tips — Visit these blog posts for more detail about how your charges in Greene County or in Springfield, MO. Most importantly, act quickly if you or someone you know needs representation.

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