You’ve got a warrant out for your arrest. Now What?

I was recently asked, “What should I do if I find out there is a warrant issued for my arrest?” The suggestion that my buddy gave me was one that I hadn’t even considered. He said “Do you just turn yourself in?” No, you don’t. You have 4 options as I see it as an attorney.

Option 1

Option number 1. You can do nothing. You can drive around, wait for a cop to pull you over for a light that’s out or a license that’s expired and you’ll get arrested and taken to jail. If your kids are in the car, they’ll get taken into the Division of Youth Services custody. That’s not a good option.

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Option 2

Option number two is to hire a bondsman. You can enter into a contract with them and they can help post the bond and get you out of custody. That can be expensive.

Option 3

Option number three is to post a cash bond. That cash bond goes into the court, the court keeps that until the case is over and at the end of the case, gives you that cash bond back. Again, that can be a very large sum of money depending on what the warrant is issued for.

Option 4

The fourth option is the best one in my opinion. That is where you hire an attorney. An attorney can go into court, potentially get that warrant recalled so that you don’t have to post any money, or get the warrant lowered to a lower amount and potentially talk about what the bond conditions are. Meaning who you can have contact with, where you can go and how you can do those sorts of things.

Don’t Ignore the Main Issue

Only the lawyer out of all 4 of those options can actually address the main issue. The other 3 just puts off the issue until later. So if you have a choice, in my biased opinion, hire an attorney.

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